Ten Reasons Why You Should Develop Your Business As A Writer

There’s a lot to be said about how to develop your business as a writer, as this blog demonstrates. From time to time it’s also worth thinking about why this is an important task.
 Here are ten reasons why you should develop your business as a writer.
Of course, there will be lots more you could add to the list.
  1. These days you need multiple income streams. Jobs are less safe than they once were and the income from savings has plummeted. Therefore, you need to make sure you have eggs in lots of baskets as far as your income is concerned.
  2. Once established, a self-employed income can be more predictable than a job income. When you’re managing your own business, you are in control. You build your business and you build your customer pipeline. When you see a gap in the flow of work, you do something about it.
  3. The golden age of retirement is behind us. Retirement ages are rising. We can all expect to work for longer in the future.
  4. Running a business as a writer is an aid to learning and self-development. You have to keep learning to ensure you have new things to say.
  5. Learning and development helps you to broaden the scope and reach of your business.
  6. Over time you could become an authority in your niche. This will add to your status in your field and enhance your earning potential.
  7. Your writing can open up other opportunities: in speaking, in consultancy in blogging, in coaching and mentoring . . . and many more.
  8. Your business success will help to build and sustain your self-esteem and your sense of self-worth.
  9. You can help others via your writing.
  10. Whilst you’re building your business you’re earning. That’s great news!



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