Starting A Consulting Business – 100 Tips

I’m making progress with the one hundred tips for people starting a consulting business.

The first tip was called:

How to quit your job gracefully and professionally.

It’s important to part with your old life on good terms, so I wrote this post.

It’s become a popular post.

The second tip was:

Take advantage of available support.

Lots of people just don’t do this.  They try to go it alone.  Many fail as a result.

I recommend new consultants find out just what offers and initiatives are available.

The third tip was:

Don’t work alone!

I recommended people who are starting a consulting business to:

  • find other businesses in the same position as themselves
  • join relevant business networking groups
  • find a mastermind group.

The fourth tip was:

Starting A Consulting Business – Your USP is . . .

I like talking about this because I argue that businesses don’t need USPs.  They need unique buying propositions.

So the series is taking shape.

It will carry on building over the coming weeks.


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