Starting A Consulting Business – More Tips

The first ten tips relate directly to the earliest days of your consulting business.

  1. How to quit your job gracefully and professionally
  2. Take advantage of available support.
  3. Don’t work alone!
  4. Your USP is …
  5. Keep control of your website.

The first tip is self-explanatory.  You need to leave your job in a professional manner. Close the doors behind you.  Don’t slam them.

The second tip is about being aware of the support that is out there to help people starting businesses.  Amazingly lots of people starting new businesses really do try to go it alone.

The third tip emphasises this point further.  The key elements of this post are:

  • Find other businesses in the same position as yourself. Talk to their owners. Share knowledge and solutions to problems. You’ll make progress faster as a result.
  • Join a networking group, or maybe more than one. This will help you to maintain contact with businesses at all stages of their development. It could also mean you have access to valuable training at minimal cost.
  • Find a mastermind group. That is join forces with other people in business and discuss business issues with them.

The fourth tip is about your USP – and the fact that you probably haven’t worked out what yours is as yet.  This is not a problem because there are other ways of working on this issue.

The fifth tip is an exhortation to get things right about the web from the start by using a content management system such as WordPress to make sure that you can update your site when you want.

The next five tips will also be about those early days in consulting.



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2 responses to “Starting A Consulting Business – More Tips

  1. Great content here thank you for sharing!!! I’ll make sure to keep coming back for more.

    Our Masterminds Group
    Cory Crabb

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