SuccessLike to see the first twenty of my Starting A Consulting Business – 100 Tips series.

Then look no further.

  1. How to quit your job gracefully and professionally
  2. Take advantage of available support.
  3. Don’t work alone!
  4. Your USP is …
  5. Keep control of your website.
  6. Decide what your legal status is going to be.
  7. Choose the right name for your business.
  8. Create a virtual business card.
  9. Decide where your business with be based.
  10. Don’t forget your insurance!
  11. A new business and a new direction.
  12. Starting a consulting business – learn on the job.
  13. Use your time wisely.
  14. Set limits to the hours you work.
  15. Decide if you should you work when you’re ill.
  16. Working efficiently damages business. Why not try a different approach?
  17. Starting a consulting business – only you can do it!
  18. The pros and cons of outsourcing
  19. Decide if you’re going to become an employer.
  20. You’re starting a consulting business – so tell the world.

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