Are you leaving employment to start a business?

The Solo Success Start-Up Guide It’s something that quite a few people are doing at the moment.

However, if you’re leaving employment to start a business,  you face an immediate challenge.

What should you be doing each day if your business is going to succeed?

There’s no shortage of tasks you could focus on, but the question is:

Which are the right tasks?

Managing Your First Month In Business

It’s early days but when you’ve left employment and you’re still getting used to being in business you will struggle with your scheduling.  That’s a shame because there are make-or-break activities that need working on.

  • You need to think about who you serve and how you serve them.
  • You need to think carefully about who you’re going to do business with and how you’re going to get your first piece of business.
  • You need to think about how you’re going to promote your business so that it will grow.
  • You need to think about how – exactly – you’re going to make sales.

That’s as well as doing all the things that land on your plate every day.

How will you decide what to work on and what to put to one side?

Starting A Business The Smart Way

You need a plan and a timetable that will make sure you don’t neglect what really matters in your business.

You can find a list of vital 21 activities to complete in your first month in business by clicking on the link below.

Leaving Employment To Start A Business

You’ll also find guidance on how to help yourself to get the right things done.

The advice is taken from The Solo Success Start-Up Guide by Margaret Adams.



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